Just Engineering is a leader in the engineering field; servicing the marine, industrial and structural industries. Our well-equipped workshop, dedicated personnel and more than 30 years’ industry related experience are our strongest assets. Our specialised projects expertise, very competitive pricing, sound turn-around times, quality and strong support infrastructure have all paved the way for future successes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strive for excellence in the engineering and staff recruitment services by applying our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the construction workforce to facilitate the process philosophically, emphasising service and quality with effective communication to produce on-time service deliveries. The key component in our business is to maintain a leading edge in a competitive environment from flexibility and professionalism.

Dedicated personnel

Dedicated personnel, our strongest asset in our company, makes the wheels turn in all our activities. More than 300 years of combined experience in steel manufacturing, maintenance and product design, amongst our middle and top management structures give us the edge over our competitors in the industry. Management, all hand-picked from various sectors in the industry, ensure that we stay in touch with the daily changes in the industry.

Our team leader

Our team leader, Hannes Terblanche, started Just Engineering in 2001and has continued to lead from the front in reaching goals set by clients and addressing the drastic demand for change in the industry. His knowledge in the field of steel manufacturing and engineering components makes him the cornerstone of our business. These attributes are to the advantage of our numerous clients of Just Engineering. Sound business principles and our professional outlook are two of the main contributors of the successes that we at Just Engineering have previously and are still experiencing.