Installation of another company’s fabrication is anybody’s nightmare. Here at Just Engineering we overcome this by accepting that people make mistakes and that no two people or companies are alike or think alike. So if you need a company with all the equipment to install from the highest position to the deepest location you do not need to look any further. Sound experience in the installation of various types of plant, machinery, boilers, hoppers, chutes, screens, filters, and bucket elevators, to name a few, makes us specialists in this often frustrating field.

All our riggers are fully certificated and accredited. Our mobile units are well-equipped with tools and equipment giving us an added advantage when servicing remote areas for installation.

Although we usually prefer to manufacture and install such items ourselves, however, we are not restricted to this and will gladly install pre-manufactured items.

“Sometimes the answer to a person’s problem is right in front of you, so if the answer is staring you in the face and you cannot get to it; contact us for some advice or just to identify the answer to your problem”.